Arena Pantanal, Cuiabá, Brazil

Arena Pantanal in Cuiabá, the capital city of Brazilian state Mato Grosso, will host four games at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, all in the group stage.

Cuiabá is located at pretty much the bullseye on a map of South America.

Currently under construction, Arena Pantanal will have a capacity of 42,500 for the 2014 World Cup.

Interestingly, the stadium’s construction is aiming to be carbon neutral, with one measure towards this goal coming with 1.4 million trees to be planted along the tributary rivers of the Pantanal wetland system, in order to offset the 711,000 tonnes of carbon to be emitted during the stadium’s construction.

The trees in the corners above are another element of the stadium’s green credentials: the stadium’s landscaping has already included the planting of 3,200 trees, and the stadium is one of four of Brazil’s twelve 2014 World Cup venues aiming to receive LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Arena Pantanal is being built on the site of the city’s now-demolished Verdão stadium, a 40,000 capacity venue opened in 1976. Here’s the demolition of its towers.

Following the World Cup, the plan is to downsize Arena Pantanal to a 28,000 capacity venue more suited for tenancy by one or more of the local clubs in Cuiabá, none of whom play in Brazil’s top division.

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